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Newly Minted Chippy

As we all know, a big part of a successful build is using the right builders. We’re hugely proud to have on our team (and share our chips with) Mark Siviter who has just achieved his NZQA National Certificate in Carpentry. Have a read of this outstanding guy’s journey with us…

Running a business that has been successful over many years like Licensed Renovations requires that you employ the right people and treat them well. Russell Clark knows all about this and has been recognised by the industry, including BCITO, for breaking down barriers and employing and training many apprentices from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Russ says, “I’ve always been a great advocate for training. Having a company is not about hiring cheap labour, it’s about committing to somebody else’s future.”

Giving Apprentices Opportunities

No matter the background or circumstances Russ is always looking to take on keen apprentices; supporting them with the same opportunities he’s been offered in the construction industry. That was the case with Mark, a trainee who was left in the lurch when sadly his former manager passed away while Mark was doing his apprenticeship.

Russ heard about Mark’s story through the grapevine and immediately brought him on as an apprentice at LR. That Mark had a hearing impairment made no difference to Russ. “He is no different to anyone else on the team; in fact, he follows instructions incredibly well and is a true asset to the company,” says Russ.

Reciprocity Is Good For Business

This reciprocity is what really makes the apprenticeship system at Licensed Renovations work. The apprentices learn skills that open up incredible opportunities in the industry while the business grows stronger as new energy is added to the team. For Russ bringing Mark onto the LR team has been personally rewarding. “It was a challenge to add a deaf apprentice to the team,” Russ says, “but it was also hugely enlightening for the whole crew.”

4 years on Russ sees how the team has united and grown since Mark was introduced. “I see other members of the team supporting and nurturing each other,” says Russ. “For Licensed Renovations we’ve added a 100% reliable team member who everyone can have a laugh with and has he has amazing charisma and energy. It’s people like Mark that make Licensed Renovations the building success story it is today

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