Early Stage Budgeting

Preliminary Budget costing will spare you budget blowouts, stress and wasted time

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Our proven method guarantees that your build:

  • Has no budget blowouts and there’s budget certainty
  • Makes it easier for you to discuss financing with your bank or mortgage broker as costs are detailed
  • Is stress free, as the project management is in our hands
  • Is completed according to your time frame

Your problem
The scope of work and your budget don’t meet your reno dreams! You have the wrong information from web searching or watching too many reno reality TV shows!

Our solution
Our inhouse Quantity Surveyor, Peter Chen, develops a realistic, accurate and inclusive budget at the early stage. We also advise on alternative cost savings, so you can achieve those dreams

The easy steps to work with us
We make sure all the bases are covered by getting input from the architect, our Quantity Surveyor, experienced Master Builder Russell Clark, and of course you the client.

Here’s the process…

  1. Russell meets you for an initial consultation and assessment to discuss your work requirements and budget.
  2. We introduce you to one of our preferred architects (or we can work with yours), to draft a concept plan.
  3. Russell and Peter review the concept plan and come back for a site visit to discuss various options and details to ensure accuracy.
  4. You are then presented with the Preliminary Budget.
  5. Once budget and concept align, the architect is engaged for working drawings and a fixed price quote.

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